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Thread: Subdomain vs. addon domain

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    Default Subdomain vs. addon domain

    What is the difference between a subdomain and an add on domain?

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    An addon domain is a domain that is pointed to a subdomain. With the Addon domain feature in Cpanel you can create a separate domain next to your main domain on your account. The HTML contents of a subdomain goes into a subfolder of the /public_html/ folder in your account.

    Every addon domain also creates a subdomain. An Addon is basically a subdomain that can also be accessed by the full domain.

    So if you would add a domain named and your main domain is, Cpanel creates a subdomain called The contents which goes in the /public_html/addondomain/ directory will be visible via your browser under: and

    You can create POP mail accounts with an addon domain and also the FTP can be accessed with (user for FTP should be

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