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Thread: Setting up my web site....confused

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    Question Setting up my web site....confused

    I wonder if anyone can or will help me out. I recently registered my domain name and purchased web hosting from glowhost, but I haven't the foggiest idea of how to set up or(how do you say?) publish my site..Is that right? Anyway, If anyone could point me in the right direction of how to get started, that would be awsome. Please help.....

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    I have resent your welcome letter, which should outline some of the confusion you might be having. Run through that letter when you get it and feel free to reply here if you still have questions.

    "Publish" is a good word to call it. Usually Microsoft Frontpage referrs to putting your site on the web as "publishing" Where other programs call it something else. Dreamweaver for example calls it "putting." As in putting the site online.

    In any case, if you say "publish" people will know what you are talking about regardless of what you are using to get the site online from your local computer.

    Hope that helps
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