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Thread: ratelimited - unable to connect to pop3 server

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    Quote Originally Posted by ed_meyer View Post
    Do you know if Outlook & outlook express send a quit?
    I know Outlook especially express are very buggy email readers, but I can't say that I've heard of them causing ratelimit errors but suspect they could if they have been compromised in any way.

    Out of curiousity how frequently do you have them set to check for email?
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    Mine is set to check for mail every 5 minutes, but I hardly ever have it open that long. I start it up 5-10 times/day. My wifes is set to check every 30 minutes, she checks hers at least that often. The auto check settings shouldn't have anything to do with being locked out today. I checked my email once and was locked out within 10 minutes of starting up my computer. No other computers were even running here for at least 8 hours prior to being locked out.

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