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Thread: Php5

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    Yes, It's true. Most likely a problem would be if you had some php5 apps that won't run on php4. Your php 4 apps should be fine on php5. I think there are only a few things that are not supported. Here's a list.

    For the announcement, check out this post:

    Also, using the method we discussed above, try things out in php5 by modifying the .htaccess file first - that way you will know for sure. Do it late at night or a time when traffic is the least affected.


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    Yes, it is pretty painless. Only issues I had is some of my functions to duplicate php 5 functionality had the same names, so naturally they broke.

    Other issues are some libraries, like the domxml are now unsupported and require recompiling PHP

    For the general user, its pretty easy going. If it isn't, welll....... thats what this forum is for!

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