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    Default Name Server Error

    My reseller domain name server is located at GoDaddy. I also have a few names still at Networksolutions.

    When I moved my virtual hosting to Glowhost, I had to change the DNS entry. I went to my host domain at GoDaddy and made the change and all looked good. This was the only domain I actually changed the DNS for. After a couple of days all looked pretty well, except, I thought I noticed a problem with one of the domains being found at GlowHost, I thought it was appearing at the old host.

    The name was at at NetworkSolutions. I thought I would change the DNS there. When I tried, the ns.1 brought up an error:
    Host name invalid. It must be associated with a domain you control. Please try again.

    I chose not to make any change at NetworkSolutions.

    As it turned out I was mistaken in my first concern about the name being found at my old host, but the error at NetworkSolutions is still there and I am wondering if I should be concerned about it, and how I should approach solving it. Could it be a problem at GoDaddy?


    As a side note, I can't believe I registered with my full name! Any chance I can have it shortened to rcull?

    (Done for you. -Daniel)
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    Hello Robert,

    You should be able to change nameservers at NetworkSolutions without any issues. I recommend opening a ticket with us. Please provide us with nameservers you try to set at your domain registrar and we will verify if it is correct.

    If you are using your private nameservers, there is a chance they didn't propagate yet and registrar doesn't accept their usage for some reason. If you use nameservers that were sent to you in the welcome letter, everything should be smooth.

    Anyway, it would be great if you could open a ticket specifying the domain name and nameservers you try to set, it would be great.
    Have no fear,
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