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    Default Joomla Download

    I am trying to download Zoomla using Fantatico but I keep getting this error message and don't know what to do. Please help me. I did finally get the FTP figured out all by myself.

    The installation can not be completed:
    - You chose to install in the main directory of the domain, but there are conflicting filenames, therefore we can not proceed. Following filenames already exist in the main directory of the domain (path="/home/newdayso/public_html/").You must manually remove these files before proceeding with auto-installation:

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    The error says that your public_html directory already has these folders:


    And these files:


    Joomla needs you to remove thos because when it installs, it makes files and folders with identical names to the ones mentioned above. That or you can install Joomla in a new subfolder that does not have these file names located inside of it.
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    If you are new to Joomla and starting from scratch, I would install Joomla 1.5.9 rather than 1.0.15 (go to and download). It will save you A LOT of pain in trying to migrate to 1.5 later since new feature development for 1.0 has stopped.

    Additionally, Joomla's JED (where you download extensions) is phasing out 1.0 extensions come June. That doesn't mean you will not be able to get them at other locations, but it is obviously a major push to go to 1.5.

    See Announcement:
    JED Will Phase Out Joomla 1.0 Extensions in June 2009

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