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Thread: How to set up email address

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    Default How to set up email address

    I have just registered a domain with godaddy for someone else and they want an email account set up for that domain, and I don't want to pay the $ to godaddy for this.

    The site is for photography so wont be hosted with glowhost like my other sites, HOWEVER I do want to set up the email through glowhost, is this just as simple as changing the cname domain in godaddy? the "mail, pop and smtp?" to point to glowhost somehow?

    can this even be done?

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    In case you would like to host email with us but website remotely, you need to follow instructions below.
    A) Point the A record for everything needed but mail to the remote IP.

    B) Next change the MX in Cpanel to say like:

    Code: 14400 MX 0
    The default MX looks like:

    Code: 14400 MX 0
    C) Next change mail from a CNAME to an A record like:

    mail in A
    Where 111.... is the GlowHost server's main server IP.

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    ok thanks ill give it a go, a few questions:

    1. How do I find out the glowhost servers main IP?

    2. How do I get access to the email? through cpanel somehow or can I set up POP email?

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    1. It depends on which server your site is located. I have re-sent you a welcome letter where it mentions the server hostname and IP address.

    2. You can get access using webmail or configure your email client (such as Thunderbird, Outlook or The Bat), as you mentioned already.

    You can also open a support ticket and we will help you to configure the domain.
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