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Thread: Host1Plus Offers Free Hosting For 1 Year!

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    Default Host1Plus Offers Free Hosting For 1 Year!

    Hi all, recently I saw a great news that Host1Plus is going to launch his hosting service on 15th of April at 1:00 PM GMT! Only the first 1000 new members will be able to get the hosting service absolutely FREE for 1 Year and other new members will get the FREE hosting service for 3 Months. So don’t miss it and get your personal invitation now, Visit:

    Good luck!

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    Host1Plus must be extremely experienced in Web Hosting, and especially well versed in Netiquette.

    LMAO. what kind of "hosting company" posts in an established Web Host's forum to drum up business?

    I'd say one that has no idea of what they are doing. Well, the good thing is that whatever one says on the Internet is eternal...

    If "Host1plus" (what a stupid name) ever does get successful, I am sure they will regret spamming as one of their advertisement tactics when they first started out.

    If I had an important website I would be certain to use "host1plus's" services immediately. LMAO!!!

    It is such a short domain name, easy to remember, and I really like how they chose a name that has a mix of numbers and letters. That is really easy to try to dictate over the phone and especially easy to remember even in text:

    I cannot imagine them trying to explain to their customers how to get t their website..

    Customer: What is your website name again?
    IdiotHost: Do you mean the domain name?

    Customer: Yes.
    IdiotHost: OK, do yu have a pen and paper handy?

    Customer: Uh.. yes but I am on the computer...
    IdiotHost: Okies, R U red y?::

    Customer: Yes...
    IdiotHost: Say this part "host"

    Customer: OK...
    IdiotHost: Say this part "plus"

    Customer: OK...
    IdiotHost: Say this part "one"

    Customer: Hmm, you are new? Just jumping on the bandwagon? You are a "host plus one more? I want to be a host too?
    IdiotHost: I guess so, my brother will be home soon and he can answer that question. He is in detention for skipping homeroom this morning.

    Customer: OK...
    IdiotHost: By the way, the stuff I said above is in no particular order, and there is a mix of numbers and characters, just like your pasword. It makes so much sense to us, as a respectable company, who knows exactly what we are doing, to have a "secure domain name" We want the domain name to be hard to remember, that way no one will hack our website. We are really into securty and stuff.

    Customer: OK...
    IdiotHost: Do you have it?

    Customer: Yes!, right?
    IdiotHost: Uh, no...

    Customer: What did I do wrong?
    IdiotHost: OH! You must have spelled the "one" with the regular way people register domains. It is ""

    Customer: It still didn't work
    IdiotHost: What did you type?

    Customer: The same way you told me: "HOSER PLUS ONE DOT COM"
    IdiotHost: That's okay, I forgot what my how to spell it anyways. I am dyslexic and really have to go because my pop-tarts are coming out of the microwave.

    Customer: Oh, okay.
    IdiotHost: Well, I have to go, My mom is caling.


    Yes I have too much free time.
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    te he he.

    OP-you are need a lesson in class. BTW, I think everyone is very happy with Glowhost, thankyouverymuch.
    Owner of a GREAT clothing fan site hosted by GlowHost

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