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Thread: client denied by server configuration

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    Default client denied by server configuration

    I am trying to reduce some server load from possible undesirable IPs. I think what happens is if I use the cpanel deny manager I end up with an error "client denied by server configuration". If this is correct, it makes for a lot of errors.

    Is there a better way of denying an IP? Will these denied IPs stop coming around eventually, or will they continue to create errors forever?


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    If some specific IP's are causing load, you can ban those IP's via cPanel deny manager as you have done. Usually this process won't cause any "client denied by server configuration" errors. Did you accidentally put your IP also there ? You can check your IP via this page:

    Blocked IP's won't be able to connect to the site in future, however, if you remove the rules from .htaccess then they can access it once again.

    If you still face any issues, I would suggest you open a support ticket so that we can dig deeper into the issue and fix it permanently.
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