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Thread: Anyone using Ruby on Rails RoR?

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    Default Anyone using Ruby on Rails RoR?

    I'm having problems with the RoR support, even just geting a sample app running. Anyone else using this, any tips?

    I'm having trouble getting my test ruby app to respond (and the others). E.g. for the Ruby app Test I remapped to /test/ and the app responds as far as giving a 404 error from the 404 file in the public_html/test/public/404.html.

    I switched from production to development mode, and now I can see some errors, e.g.: gives the error:

    Routing Error

    no route found to match "/test/" with {:method=>:get}

    whereas when I run it on my machine locally, I get the same ruby welcome page that appears at Ruby on Rails: Welcome aboard. If I try:

    I get the almost identical error:

    Routing Error

    no route found to match "/test/hello" with {:method=>:get}

    Whereas again when I try on my local machine with http://localhost:3000/hello, then I get the following as expected:


    Find me in app/views/hello/index.rhtml

    It seems that something still isn't configured quite right, but I admit to being enough of a ruby neophyte that perhaps I'm missing something obvious?


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    The main problem we are seeing with people who have developed their RoR applications on their local PC using WEBrick / InstanRails is that they are expecting to see their RoR apps to show up at and with cPanel the port number used is much higher, and from what I can tell, not needed due to the redirection function found in the cPanel interface.

    The other main problem is the shebang line in the scripts is generally set to the path to ruby on the local machine, typically something like:


    The path to Ruby on the on the server is actually:


    (Thanks to Sergey for figuring this out)

    So none of the libs are found because the scripts are misconfigured.

    I think the best solution here is to develop the scripts on the server side, or, if you are adept in Ruby to make the path to Ruby a variable which can be configured to use your Windows /path/to/ruby when developing locally and the Unix /path/to/ruby when the app is running on the remote server.

    This functionality may already be built into your application but the ones I have looked at seem to have the path in each individual file instead of using one variable, in one file, then the whole app could be easily reconfigured.

    The good news is we are now offering jail shells to those that want or need them to help assist in RoR development. it has not been officially announced yet, however if you need one just open a support ticket and we will enable it on your account.

    We will have a "Hello World" tutorial for RoR on cPanel in these forums in a day or so and I will be sure to link it from this thread so people have an idea of how to get a simple RoR application up and running on cPanel, and can take it from there.
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