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Thread: Any chance of enabling keep alive?

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    Default Any chance of enabling keep alive?

    I notice keep alive does not seem to be enabled on my shared server (charlie)

    I manage a website for a client on a dedicated server, and it seems to improve things over there.

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    Hello Robin,

    We usually don't change apache settings on shared servers, since this may affect other customers.

    I will pass this to our admins to investigate if it is possible, but it is better to use VDS packages instead, since such servers allow custom configurations.

    Also, right now we have special prices for powerful Dedicated Servers. Please open a ticket to get a quote.
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    Hi Robin,

    I've enabled KeepAlives for you on Charlie server. Not sure how they got disabled actually but, sometimes, those things happen. Thanks for noticing it and asking about it.
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    For Cisco only have to configure the command "keeaplive" under the tunnel configuration. Both ends have to support keepalives. You will need a 12.2T ios version to have the gre keepalives.


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