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Thread: Showing off potential websites

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    Default Showing off potential websites

    I have potential customers who want a "preview" of a website I can create for them. I would like for them to be able to follow a link from my website to a page created for them. Suggestions - do I need to register new domains for this purpose, or create subdomains, etc. I use Frontpage 2002. When I upload new pages now to my domain, it changes the theme of all of the pages because I am including a new navigation bar . Yes - I'm still learning. Thank you for help.

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    Just make a subfolder and call it "test" (or whatever)


    Put their homepage in that folder and call it index.html just like you did for public_html for your main site and then it should work.

    I am not sure about frontpage as i know it is quirky with things like that. but thats how most people with traditional HTML editors do it.

    If frontpage wont let you do seperately themed directories (folders) I would strongly suggest getting something that uses standard ftp publishing, for example, Dreamweaver.
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