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Thread: anonymous dns and shared ssl

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    Default anonymous dns and shared ssl

    Is it possible to have two sets of dns servers for a reseller account?

    so one set would just use the ... and

    but anotherset would be annonymous, so and

    either set could be used depending on what the customer wants?

    Same question for ssl although as a start im guessing two certs would be needed so the customer could access a shared cert at: and

    What is involved in doing both of these?

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    Yes, you would just register the anonymous nameservers on the same IP address as your regular nameservers, or, you could register them on 2 unique IPs if you want, provided you have available IPs.

    Then just make the zone file for to look like the zone file for you would add A records for ns1/ to point to the specified IPs.

    Yes, you would need and to be on dedicated IPs, then you would buy a cert for each domain. From there, your customers could use the shared SSL for that domain using

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