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Thread: Simple and Elegant image display trick

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    Default Simple and Elegant image display trick

    Okay you have some images on a site that you want to show off. You make a thumb nail and a large image and want the thing to pop-up with a cool gray background that covers the web page.

    One quick and easy way is with a free (or commercial license) javascricpt call Shadowbox.

    I used it last night and it worked like a champ, without any major coding.

    the script can be found here

    Shadowbox.js Shadowbox.js

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by beenatam View Post
    I am doing this also and the biggest thing is going to be a venue. It is not going to be at all easy if you are working on a budget. I was about to pull my hair out about a week and a half ago.
    What do you mean by finding a venue. The venue is the website. What is the problem with the budget? Shadowbox was free last I checked.
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