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Thread: design question

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    Last person we accused of Spam was actually a real person.
    Yeah, well I think that was me? I called him on his bluff. Sure he was real, but he was still a spammer IMO. He made 2 totally different logins, only used one before I banned them both, and had some tagline selling crap and asked the same ole dumb questions that make little sense that they all do!

    So there.....

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    Actually, I looked up his IP after this conversation a while back, and he had about 20 logins in the system, some were not yet used. I just sent his IP to the blackhole and that was the last we saw of that guy.

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    Post Web Designing

    To make a long story short, there aren't really any software programs with that specific use.

    The first alternative is flash, but that's at least $500. Besides that, you would be buying a very deep, complex, and powerful program for a very simple need.

    You could do the effect for free with javascript (computer language installed in your browser), but you would need to know the language and HTML, which if you are using publisher, means you probably know neither. If you want to take that route, you would need to publish your website, edit the code, and write a javascript app.

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