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Thread: Using cPanel API for creating email account and forwarders in your own PHP scripts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexander View Post
    Well, maybe I missed something, but they can change passwords for their email accounts in Webmail. There is an option for it on the very first page when accessing Webmail. Thus, API is not needed.

    Wow... I've been using the webmail auto load for so long that I completely forgot about that link. Now, please excuse me while I shamefully make my exit....

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    When I set all the necessary details i an getting this error "Access denied".
    please tell me what is this error

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    We just provided example of code and probably you will need to update XML API client class, you can find the latest one here:

    If you need our assistance, you may open a ticket with additional information of the problem, so we can test it out.

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    thank you very much it's work very good but i want to Chang password email script can you help me plz?

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    Hello daarkm,

    I'm sorry but I'm not sure I follow. You want to change an email address password for a script or by a script? You can see more about cPanel's API here.

    Please clarify your question and we'll see how we can assist further.

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