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Thread: PHP Unlink() Function

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    Default PHP Unlink() Function

    Hi everyone,

    So I could use some newbie advice on using the PHP Unlink() function.

    The background info:

    I have two different php scripts.
    1. Script "1" allows me to upload files (using file upload) to a given directory that I specify in the configuration.
    2. Script "2" allows me to view (view only) all files that have been uploaded via script 1.
    I am currently in the process of modifying Script "2" so that I can delete any file that the user may designate. I am not setting this up to do multiple delte. Just a single file at a time.

    I have added the word "delete" to each file detail line. My goal is to set this up so tha when the user "clicks" on the word "delete" on a given file line that file is delted.

    The problem:

    1. I know that I need to use the PHP Unlink() function to accomplish this task. I know that that the model for this function is basically:

    PHP Code:
    unlink ($fileToDelete
    2. I don't know how to associate this function to the word "delete" and make the function unique to that specified file.

    Here is a snippet of my code to help explain what I have done:

    Created a delete file function:

    PHP Code:
    function deletFile (unlink($file)); 
    Added a link called "DELETE" to the File "2" (phpDirList) Output

    PHP Code:
    // Try to get a directory handle and continue if it returns TRUE.
    if ($dir = @opendir("./")) {
    $output ""// Empty the HTML-output variable.
    while (($file readdir($dir)) !== FALSE) { // Read the directory step by step and process the data.
    if (test_ext ($file)) { // Check if the entry should be displayed or not and continue if TRUE.
    $stats = @stat "./".$file); // Get the file stats.
                // And append a table row to the output variable.
    $output .= '
            <tr class="line">
                <td class="col2">DELETE</td>
                <td class="col1">
                    <a title="'
    .$file.'" href="'.$file.'">'.$url.''.$file.'</a>
                <td class="col2">'
    .number_format ($stats[7], 0","".").'</td>
                <td class="col3">'
    .str_replace (" ""  "date ("m.d.Y H:i"$stats[9])).'</td>
    closedir($dir); // Close the directory handle.
    } else {
    $output "<tr><td colspan=\"3\"><h1>Cannot open Directory!</h1></td></tr>"// Display error message if there was no directory handle returned in the leading condition.

    So what's next?

    I almost wish I could do something like

    HTML Code:
     <a onclick="<?unlink($file)?>">DELETE</a>
    Am I going down the right path?

    Any help, direction, or comments would be appreciated!


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    Default too late?


    Wow! April 2005, eh? Let me know if you still need help with this!


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