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Thread: Anyone know a good XML database system?

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    Default Anyone know a good XML database system?

    I have a project that involves storing data that'd be better stored as XML than in a SQL database. Anyone have tips for a XML database system? (Maybe one that Glowhost supports?) It wouldn't be very good as a flat text file because it'd be too slow to query...

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    I strognly wouldn't recommend you to use XML for storing production data. It is good for structuring & transfering data that should be used completely, but using XML in role of fully-functional DB will lead to very bad performance when you will have lots of structures & data in files.

    Usually, if your application gets information via XML, good idea is to parse it & insert into any SQL database. It will give you simplicity of SQL and performance of an application, optimized for quering. You can import/export the data at any moent into any format.

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    I thought that sounded a bit weird, SQL db's all the way!

    Will be much easier and i would think more easily adapted in the future to fit other needs or other methods of data retrieval.


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