We need to perform a security update to all servers.

We need to install a new kernel across all machines. This is typically a 15 minute issue, however, things can, and do sometimes go wrong.

This is an important security update. We wish we could give more notice on the issue, but in light of the situation, updates will begin immediately for all servers.

If a server fails to come online within the above time frame, please be assured, we are aware, and working on it. Each server will be done by hand, one at a time. If there is an issue, we are on top of it.

Flooding the support desk only slows the "fix" time.

If you see abnormal server performance after the scheduled maintainence time of Jan 23 0100 hours to Jan 23 2400 hours please feel free to get in contact with us via the standard means on the GlowHost support page: