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Thread: Scheduled maintenance to be performed on May 7th. 2008

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    Default Scheduled maintenance to be performed on May 7th. 2008

    We received notification from our primary datacenter that there will some maintenance performed on May 7th in regards to their electrical systems.

    It should not affect anyone, but if it does, the majority of our servers would be affected, so it is worth mentioning. Here is a direct quote of the message that we received:

    On Wednesday May 7 we will be grooming one of the UPS systems to the new generator and transformer feeds to provide added redundancy. We do not expect this to be service affecting. The procedure has been approved by the building Electrical Engineer, MGE engineer, and the electrical contractor performing the work.

    It will involve moving the maintenance bypass to the new feed first and verifying power. then we will move the system to the maintenance feed by putting it in maintenance bypass. then we will move the main feed to the new gen sets.

    The system will be running on generators all day to ensure that we dont get hit by any blips from the power company.

    We expect the maintenance window to run all day.

    This will split the power on the facility between 2 different gen sets and 2 different power transformers.
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