What: Network upgrades to our racks at the GNAX datacenter
When: Friday night March 10th going into Saturday March 11th from 11:30 Pm to 3 Am EST time US.
Expected Downtime: 10-20 minutes

In order to provide better, more stable connections, our racks will be provisioned with a new GigE connection and router. The fiber has been laid and the router is in place and tested. This upgrade will allow for continued growth and provide a better connection for all servers with less latency and network congestion.

We apologize in advance for the short notice, but this was a suggested fix by our upstream providers and this was the most favorable window provided for the replacement/upgrades. This maintenance window was chosen to have the least effect on the majority of our customers.

All switches that the GlowHost servers are currently connected to will be connected to the new router during this time period. This will effect every server on our racks in the GNAX data center, including all shared and all reseller servers along with all dedicated customers. Expected downtime for any one rack or server is about 10 minutes to 20 minutes. This should be a very simple process of unplugging the network connection cable from the main switch and then plugging it into the new router.

Please note as with any maintenance there could be a longer period of downtime during this window if unexpected or unforeseen problems do happen.

We will be on line during this time and the GlowHost help desk and forums will remain online so you can communicate with us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition.

NOTE: this will not effect the servers which are located at ThePlanet data center or the servers located in the Pwebtech/FortressITX data center.

Thank you for choosing GlowHost.com