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Thread: [How To] Run PHP4 and PHP5 on your cPanel website

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    Default [How To] Run PHP4 and PHP5 on your cPanel website

    GlowHost web hosting service offers PHP5 and PHP4 on all shared and reseller hosting accounts. PHP5 is the default version on most servers and PHP4 is easy to enable but is not recommended and will eventually be removed.

    You just need to set PHP5 or PHP4 in your CPanel > php configuration.
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    Wink php not sticking?.....

    Seems like the past few days I've had to do this daily. I'm on Fran, keeps reverting my site to php4, which makes the site produce errors, then I fix it and everything is dandy....then I wake up and I get errors until I figure out to change the php settings again.....HELP! I'll open a trouble ticket...(and where did you get those smilies?)
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    Hi, please, see my response in the ticket. If the problem still occurs in the future, please, re-open the ticket.


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