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Thread: [How to] Ping a computer

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    Default [How to] Ping a computer

    Pinging is a way to tell if a computer is responding on the network. It also can be used to tell which IP address your website lives on.

    When you ping a computer, you need to know either the direct IP or domain name.

    To perform a ping in Linux-
    From the command line type:
    ping and press the enter/return key

    To perform a ping in Mac-
    Use the program macping or you should be able to use the terminal program and type:
    ping then press the enter/return key

    To perform a ping in Windows XP-
    Go to the "run" program from the start menu. type "cmd" and a black screen will appear. Type in:
    ping then press the enter/return key.

    "" is of course an example and you will replace this with your actual target domain.

    The result should be an IP address and some other useful data.
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