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Thread: Hit Counter Styles

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    Default Hit Counter Styles

    Updated for cpanel 11 and x3:

    To see a list of all of the available hit counter styles, just log into cPanel then go to the software section > cgi-center > counter > "see styles"
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    Default Counter options

    Designer Tip:

    If your adjust the variables prior to creating the html code you can alter the look of the existing counter styles.
    Sometimes changing the border to zero ( 0 ) may give a cleaner look when pasted on you web page.

    Also after you create you table you can adjust your counters number so your counter does not start at 000001.

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    By the way, the link to the counter styles is actually broken. Anyway, I created a counter for one of my pages. But, I'm a bit confused though. Is the actual specific counter control stored somewhere in cPanel?? I mean, for future editing. I placed the counter on the page and pretty much set it to an average numberof visits I had gotten on the page (according to Webalizer - Seems like too many though). The only thing is that in Golive, it shows the link as a "broken link". I usually don't hava that problem. Do I need to download the cgi file to my local site in order to avoid getting the alert? Can I even do that?

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    The actaul data file for the counter is stored in a back-end database and is not obtainable for direct editing if that is what you mean.

    I am not sure how well golive is going to deal with displaying the counter since the HTML for img src goes to <img src="/cgi-sys/Count.cgi?..." which basically no one is going to have on their local PC.

    You might change the code to
    <img src="

    But I am not sure if that will break the counter or not.


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