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Thread: Changing from Frontpage to another HTML editor, do I need to change anything?

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    Default Changing from Frontpage to another HTML editor, do I need to change anything?

    I plan to stop using FrontPage for my site and start using Dreamweaver instead.

    Is there anything that I need to do or know to avoid any potential
    problems when I do this?

    For example, do I need to uninstall the FrontPage extensions before I
    republish with Dreamweaver via FTP?

    Also, I have a password protected folder, do I need to unprotect it
    first before I move all my files to Dreamweaver and start publishing
    with it via FTP?

    You do not have to remove them, though you should to conserve the small amount of disk space that they consume. If you keep them it will not hurt anything.

    As for password protection, Dreamweaver uses FTP. The beauty of using this standard protocol over a proprietary format like Frontpage Publishing is that you do not have to remove your password protected directories in order to publish new content into the protected directories.
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