To learn more about GlowHost's Affiliate Program, visit the following URL:
GlowHost Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Generally speaking, you can take part in our Affiliate Program on standard conditions, or you can benefit from customizations like branded promotional coupons created for you only, reduced commission lock period of 30 days and waiver of order verification procedure.

We can also do things like write custom code for your site or make our shopping cart behave in a special way that suits your requirements. Read on to learn about the options we are most often asked about.

Branded discount coupons

We can create special links and branded promotional discount coupon codes for your clients. You can let us know your requirements for the coupon text and we make a coupon code to your specification. Our promotional coupon codes are a 4-20 letters long word in uppercase.

Promo coupons override any cookie based tracking so they are more reliable than standard links and you don't have to worry about some coupon site hijacking your affiliate sale at the last minute of the checkout process.

Our discount coupons can provide customers brought by you with a certain % off their first invoice or several months of free services (usually 2 or 3 at max).

We will also need to know for which hosting plans you would like the coupons to be enabled for. GlowHost must review and approve the coupon so requesting these will need to be done at our online helpdesk.

As one example, you could have coupons activated for all of our Shared packages. We can disable these coupons for certain billing periods if you like, for 1 month and 3 months orders for example. This way you get a larger commission and at the same time we are more flexible in the type of discount we can agree to.

We would like to point out that GlowHost reserves a right to cancel the affiliate partnership if it appears to be not profitable for our company. Taking this into consideration we don't recommend you to offer a promotional coupon code for 50% or some other huge discount to buyers. It is also recommended to offer shared hosting packages with 12 or 24 months pre-payments and use the coupons for months of free hosting instead. You can also offer coupons for 1 month periods, but if you are offering those types of coupons on a regular basis, they should be a high-end hosting product, at least semi-dedicated hosting package, cloud hosting, or dedicated server.

A example scenario you'd want to avoid would be to encourage people to sign up for one month of the lowest cost package that is available on our site, at the same time using a 50% coupon. While re realize this may happen from time to time, if we detect an abnormal amount of sales like this your account could be cancelled and commissions would be forfeited.

Reduced commission lock period

Please be notified that our company has a 90 days commission lock period which can be reduced to 30 days in exceptional cases. The lock period is the time from which you make the sale to when our systems will pay you for that sale. If you would like to apply for it please provide us with detailed information about your business model so we can pass it to our Affiliate Officer for a review. Please note that it is extremely rare for new affiliates to obtain this special offer, and it is usually reserved for affiliates ion good standing with a good account history. In exceptional cases this may be allowed on new accounts with a detailed review of the business plan.

Waiver of order verification procedure

GlowHost verifies all new hosting accounts via telephone. We can make an exception from our common policies for our affiliates and auto-verify orders placed via their affiliate links without need to verify them by phone. You would need to have a special coupon enabled and your customer would have to use that coupon on the order form for this to work. We can provide you with special links which can be created to where the coupon is automatically enabled on our shopping cart which can eliminate a possible problem where your referred customer forgot to enter in their money-saving coupon during the order process.

Custom Software

If you have custom software that you wish for your referred customers to have installed on their site, we can create a system which will automatically install this on their account as soon as their order is completed. This can be something like WordPress or something completely custom so long as it runs on PHP and MySQL. There would be a nominal fee to develop and deploy this time-saving service for you. We would need to learn about the software in question and then prepare a quote to you for the development cost. Estimated time to deployment is typically 2 weeks from the time we receive your specifications.