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Thread: Vern's IP address

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    Default Vern's IP address

    I am probably on the wrong track, but I am trying to get the Google Cloud Platform to load a Google map on a classifieds program I have installed. I am using Xenforo 2 with nixfifty's Classifieds.

    Trying to follow instructions, I find myself at "APIs & Services", clicking on "Credentials", and then on my project (only one listed) under "API keys". The window brings up "Key restrictions". I click on "IP addresses" and it brings up "Accept requests from these server IP addresses". Can someone tell me how to find the IP addresses or range relevant to Vern?


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    You can use nslookup or dig command to find the IP address of site. There are some 3rd party sites show the A record of sites. If you trouble finding IP address of the site, please open a support ticket via MyGlow.

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    Or you can simply ping the web site to obtain it's IP.

    Assuming the site domain is '' then you would open up the terminal on your computer and type:


    Then hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

    It will reveal the site's IP.
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