So I got a new pc with vista recently and I needed to share some folders over the network, like I've done in XP.

I had trouble first even finding how to share something with the sharing "wizard", but I found out how to share it almost like it xp with the right click and properties and all that.
Now on my other computers I can't see the vista pc shared folders in my network places, but I can see the vista pc under workgroup computers.
However, when I click on it, it says it needs a username and password, which I never set up before.
Nothing will let me connect to it or see the shared folders.
But from the vista computer under network I can see the shared folders and from here it looks like it's working, except it's not.
This has been driving me crazy, anyone know how to do this!?
In xp it was so simple, vista had to come along and make EVERYTHING unintuitive...
Anyway, thanks for any help in advance!