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Thread: Remove old e-mail

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    Default Remove old e-mail

    Many of my clients are now using products to check and read e-mail that keeps the e-mails on the server. Therefore many of our accounts are using a great deal of disk space needlessly, as they never delete e-mail. I know we can set an e-mail box size and when it is full, that's it. However, in the interests of good client relations is there a way that outstanding e-mails can be easily be deleted form web mail. Most of my clients are not particularly computer savvy and I am looking for a simple fix. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much.

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    Webmail is not really a good solution for email. Better options would be to use an email client like Thunderbird, Outlook or whatever is built into the customer's OS.

    They can set it up for IMAP and then their work, home, laptop, netbook, mobile, and webmail itself (etc etc etc) will all have the same email on all devices.

    I don't think they need to be web savvy to use an email program, its probably easier to use than most webmail if not the same. The tricky part is the configuration but if they can't figure that out on their own it means that the documentation you provide them needs to be updated. If you provide an instruction letter, most people will be able to understand it and follow along on their home computers.

    If they are not web savvy I suggest using Thunderbird as it has less bugs than the Microsoft email programs and that means less support issues for you to try to deal with.
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    Outlook is the good option. You can download your emails there will no disc over use issue.

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