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    I am trying to transfer a domain from OnLineNic and they tell me I have to wait on GlowHost at one point resell for them and then stop and not use the InstaPro outfit?

    Man this is all a real pain, ALWAYS USE THE SAME OUTFIT!!!


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    GlowHost has always and still does use OnlineNic as our primary registrar.

    InstaPro is a secondary registrar we use to pick up sales on users who have lots of domains or were simply shopping for a domain only.

    Domain transfers are not some rapid thing, though, I can assure you, no one is waiting on GlowHost...

    They generally take 5-15 days to complete, IF there are no problems between the winning and loosing registrar, that need to be cleared up in order for a re-attempt to take place.

    It really comes down to your technical understanding of the domain transfer process and how well you have prepared the domain that is being transferred before actually initiating the transfer, that is the deciding factor as to how fast or slow a domain transfer or registrar is going to take.

    I'd say about 50% of domain transfers fail and are never re-initiated by the user after the first failure. The most common reason:

    Domain Locked Status.

    Second most common reason:

    Failing to request an authorrization code from the site that currently holds the registration.
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