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Thread: Name Server and Adding a New Domain

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    Default Name Server and Adding a New Domain

    Hi Team,

    I'm really out of touch and forgot 90% of what I need to run a website.

    To that end, wanted to know if:

    1. Someone could verify that I should set the name servers for the new domain I just purchased with to and

    2. Once I have set the name servers, do you have a Cheat sheet or another post that tells me how to set this us as a second domain on my account? Right now I have and I just purchased I plan on building a new set under and then cutting over over to the new site when I'm done.

    Any help appreciated!



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    Hello Rick,

    1.) You definitely need to set the Glowhost nameservers to point your new domain to us. Unfortunately we can't confirm the exact nameservers without knowing your account. Those details would best be sent in private so feel free to open a ticket with us from your MyGlow account and we'll give you the exact nameserver set.

    2.) You can add your new domain as an Add-on domain from your cPanel >> Domains >> Addon domains. If you want a little more guidance we offer tons of video tutorials that will help including one for adding a domain in cPanel.

    If you need any further assistance or clarifications regarding this, please open a support ticket. We'll be glad to help!

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