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Thread: Multiple Website Lockout . . .

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    Default Multiple Website Lockout . . .


    This questions follows along from a separate thread having to do with using a directory password on an add-on domain. At that point, a Flash movie is executed.

    SEPARATE PROBLEM: Not sure how to "log off" after the Flash movie completes. Either my web browser or Olga is maintaining a login.

    NEW PROBLEM: Attempting to hit the domain from a different machine and IP address, I tried to login in via the security dialogue, but was denied access after three tries.

    HOWEVER, now I am locked out of ALL THREE domains, the root domain, and the two add-on domains (the original password was only on one add-on domain).

    Is there a security lockout for three failed login attempts? Does it escalate to the entire domain tree? Does the lockout expire after a while?

    Any advice on what I should do?



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    OLD PROBLEM: Closing your browser logs you off of any browser when using pssword authentication using .htaccess, which is what cPanel's password protect does. If you want to change users, close the browser ad try again.

    NEW PROBLEM: Failing to login 5 or more times on a server bans your IP address. The server assumes you are a hacker trying to crack passwords if you fail to login so many times in a row. When this happens please open a support ticket and provide them with your IP address. Your IP can be obtained here:
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    Thanks Matt!


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