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Thread: How to ensure safety of eCommerce site?

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    Default How to ensure safety of eCommerce site?

    I know only few things regarding security of an eCommerce store and want to know more. This is what i know
    • Update eCommerce solutionís SSL/TLS to encrypt browser communications
    • Regularly test eCommerce website for loop holes
    • Remove risky software that endanger online security

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    You pretty much have it there.

    The important thing is to have the site secured so that all customer data is kept safe. Ensure that your database passwords are secure, as well as your login and admin accounts. You can try NOT using generic usernames like "admin", as a lot of brute force cracking software will assume the username is authoritative. If you use something a little less obvious, it will mean it is harder to guess or figure out. You can also double secure your admin directory by adding a .htaccess and .htpasswd files. This can restrict access to the admin folder by IP address and a secondary password. All that can be done from cPanel.

    Also, in most ecommerce software, you can set the password strength required for your customer accounts. You should consider a strong password combination to ensure security on the customer side too.

    Regular scans of your site with a product such as Sucuri Hack Protection can also help to protect you. Plus, Sucuri offers many more benefits such as, if your site gets hacked, they will help repair it for you, and, GlowHost provides free backup restores to anyone who has the Sucuri service. You can learn more about Sucuri at the following link:

    It can go a lot deeper, depending on if this is a simple site, or something that requires PCI Compliance. The requirements for PCI Compliance are more complex, but we provide a guaranteed PCI Compliance service that ensures requirements by your credit card processor are met and kept up to date every month. You can find more on PCI Compliance Services at this link:

    I hope you find this information useful. If you have any further questions, do let us know.
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    Thanks for the reply James. I will definitely contact you if stuck somewhere again!

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