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Thread: FTP bandwidth and timeouts

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    Default FTP bandwidth and timeouts

    I've been noticing that my server (skid) is REALLY slow when I upload to it via FTP. Are there any ways I can test the bandwidth, and maybe improve it? I'm getting an average 2.2kbps upstream TO the server, whereas I can easily get 50-100 kbps on other servers. Some of my clients are trying to share large video files and stuff, and they can't even maintain an FTP connection long enough to upload it. Can we improve this somehow?

    And that's my second question -- I don't seem to be able to change the client timeout setting on FTP accounts. Can that be done via WHM/cPanel? I'm really sick of session timeouts even when I'm busy using FTP.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Are you using passive mode for your FTP transfers in your FTP program, if not, you should enable it. It will cure many problems.

    As for the timeout setting, you can change it in the ftp configuration file. You should be set for 900 seconds so timeouts should not occur if you are actively transferring files and have passive mode enabled.
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