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Thread: CGI scripting (again!)

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    Default CGI scripting (again!)

    I read the tutorial on CGI scripting using cgiemail. Where (and what) is file.txt? I don't appear to have that in my public folder. In fact, I can't even see it in Dreamweaver. Here's the html for that one line, which I'm sure is the one screwing me up.

    <form action="" method="POST">

    Help! I'm a moron!

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    file.txt is an example file that does not exisit by default. You can name it whatever you like so long as your form action points to whatever you name it.

    You have to make "file.txt" (or whatever you want to name it, e.g. email.txt) and put the appropriate variables in it for cgi-email to work. Examples of what to put in this file are here.

    Specifically item number 1, "Create an email template."

    Hope that helps.
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