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Thread: Can't delete files -- re-install prevented

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    Default Can't delete files -- re-install prevented


    On one of my sub-domains I have need to re-install Drupal. Somehow two files and a directory chain have become impossible to delete, via either cPanel file manager or FileZilla. These files are \domain\sites\*.* for the one particular add-on domain.

    I also tried deleting the add-on domain and re-adding it, but somehow the files keep "re-appearing" almost instantly after one deletes them. And then the Fantastico script refuses to overwrite.

    Can you explain please what needs to be done? How does this happen?



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    It is possible your script's directory permissions were changed. That usually happens when a script goes banannas and sends out too much email or other bad things....the server security scripts will disable the "bad" directory and the only person who can fix that is root.

    Best to open a support ticket so we can see what dir you are talking about.
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