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Thread: Bad CGI Errors.. Need Urget Help Please

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    Default Bad CGI Errors.. Need Urget Help Please


    None of the CGI scripts I install in my cgibin seem to be working. I'm trying to get a form processing script that sends form info to a file to work, but it always comes up with a 500 - Internal Server Error. I've tried installing this script on my home PC which has Apache and it works fine. By the way, I have made sure I set the path to perl correctly.

    All these little hosting problems are really starting to frustrate me.

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    cgi is running fine on your server. If you have a 500 Internal server error it is usually one of 4 things.

    1. Bad code
    2. Bad permissions
    3. Uploaded in the incorrect format
    4. The shebang is incorrect.

    What does your error log say?
    Is the file permissioned correctly per the docs in the readme file of the script?

    The file may run fine on your local server but I would venture to bet your test server is not setup and secured the same way we have ours which is geared for a production server, in a shared hosting environment.
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