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Thread: Vacation Time

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    Default Vacation Time

    The new dedicated server is up and running - all clients are transfered to it and I'm headed on vacation.

    I will rest easier knowing that Glowhost is monitoring the situation while I'm away. I gave all my clients Matt's contact info if there was any problems while I was gone... Of course, I'm only joking.

    I will check my cell phone once a day and it will be located not on me, which is the point of a vacation, right?

    Seriously, good job to Glowhost along the way!

    I'm off, see you when I get back!

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    Default Enjoy!

    Have a great time!

    Which is the real point of a vacation, right?

    Oh, Matt said something about men in white coats and a vacation himself so you better call the 800 number if you need us.


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