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Thread: Is a Reseller web hosting costly ??

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    Default Is a Reseller web hosting costly ??

    I want to know about Reseller web hosting and please tell me , Is a Reseller web hosting costly ??

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    Hello, thank you for your question.

    Reseller Hosting is not costly. You can start with a Reseller plan from GlowHost from just $24.95 per month, which includes 50GB of disk space and unlimited accounts. With a Reseller account, you can create as many cPanel accounts with seperated usernames and passwords as you need. You can manage them all from your WHM (Web Host Manager). You can break that 50GB up as you need. For example, you might have one site that needs 10GB, 10 sites that need 2GB and you still have 20GB left to play with. Our plans are easily upgradable as well. That means if you need more disk space or bandwidth, you can easily upgrade your account.

    You can find out more about our Reseller hosting plans at this link >

    There is no requirement to have a Reseller account, anyone can have one.

    If you have any further questions, let us know.

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    Reseller hosting is not costly in-fact with a reseller hosting account you can start making money by setting up your own small hosting company and can easily recover the cost of your hosting provider.

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