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Thread: I am a Newbie and would like advise about hosting please

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    Default I am a Newbie and would like advise about hosting please

    I recently had a website built for me that I hope was very cheap, I sure it was. I am very happy with the site but they also have an offer of 2G hosting for $20 every year, reduced to $20 because they built the site.
    Am completely lost with regard to hosting, I have a retail site with about 500 products. I understand and don't believe there is such a thing as unlimited hosting.
    I want to know if this is cheap enough and big enough for what I need?

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    The cheapest package we have is Unlimited Single Domain for $83.40/year. This package should suit all your needs, and you won't need to worry about disk size of your account. Sure, the "Unlimited" doesn't mean that package can be used for storing audio and video, etc, but if you just have a retail site, it should work well for you.

    We will also help you to transfer your files to our server.
    Have no fear,
    GlowHost is Here!

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