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Thread: Hope everyone's New Year turns out great!

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    Default Hope everyone's New Year turns out great!

    Everyone - Welcome to 2012!! It's been awhile since I've posted here although I do check often. I hope everyone's Christmas and New Years celebrations went well. I celebrated Christmas with my son's their wives and the grandkids. New Years was a few close friends and family and a good time was had by all. Hopefully this year business and the economy will pick up for everyone. At times it looks like it's starting to pick up but then it retreats. Looking forward to fewer and shorter retreats. So stay focused, stay positive and in the immortal words of REO Speedwagon, we're all just "riding the storm out". Peace, love and prosperity to all.


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    Thanks for the good wishes QHF Glad your holidays went well for you!

    The economy better hurry up, it's 2012 after all, and the end of the world is soon!
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    Hi. Hows everyone's year on webhosting doing? I'm a new to web designing.
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