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Thread: Does anyone use MS Publisher?

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    Thanks, John-Marc! I'm also going to have a good look at notepad once I get over the stress of having been without my computer for almost a week and having to run all sorts of repairs on it myself (though, thanks to everyone's advice, those repairs turned out a lot better than the ones the chumps at the repair shop wanted to make!)

    I haven't even gotten close to CSS or Java yet, so anything that makes them easier definitely has a lot to recommend it!

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    Default Free HTML Editor

    vorpalbunny - If you are serious about handcoding - check out CoffeCup. There is a free version.

    I like it better then NotePad because it identifies different parts of the code with colored text.

    I use Dreamweaver, but when I want very clean code or to script something by hand, I use CoffeCup.

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