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Thread: Toll Free Telephone number offer

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    Default Toll Free Telephone number offer

    If you have any questions on the toll free numbers we offer through our partner site let us know and we will try to answer for you.

    We have been using the toll free number service for about 2 years now and have yet to see a problem.

    All the information you need on them is here:

    These are some of the cheapest toll free numbers we have found and they come with a lot of great features, especially for the price.

    These numbers do require a credit card for activation, and they bill you automatically. If you do not make any calls in a month then you just have your flat fee which can be as low as $2.00 USD per month so if you do not use it you are not spending a ton of money to maintain the number.

    You can change the "ring-to" number right online or setup a method to follow you around based on the number of rings it will attempt to get you at a different location. They will ring to a cell phone just fine as well.

    GlowHost customers get a $5.00 hosting credit when you sign up from our website so it is an even better deal if you have been considering an 800 toll free number.

    If you already have toll free numbers that you pay more for, you can also port them over to this service and keep your existing number, but pay lower prices every month in most every case I have seen.
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