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Thread: Share a PHP coder - a "timeshare" solution that saves you $$$

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    Default Share a PHP coder - a "timeshare" solution that saves you $$$

    Here is the idea of the "share a coder" program.

    Many of you have requested programmer assistance for your php scripts for everything from updates to full script customizations to custom web based application work from scratch.

    As many of you know, decent programmers run $65-$100/hr.

    We have already agreed with some of you to offer programming services on a recurring basis. We are looking for more interested parties to "share a coder."

    Why this program will benefit you:

    1. The same programmer works with your site, day to day, month to month, as you need them. They are familiar with what you are trying to do.

    2. You do not have to re-train a new programmer every time you have another "piecework" project that needs completed.

    3. Significant cost savings based on traditional hiring methods.

    4. Pre-screened programmers saves you time shopping for a qualified programmer.

    5. This is a service, not an employee or contractor so no tax hassles associated with hiring your own employees/coders.

    Right now we are offering PHP and MySQL programmers at $125 for an 8 hour day, if you agree to the service on a recurring basis.

    Rates for piecework are $65/hr so this is a considerable savings for those of you that require custom development on an ongoing basis but have a limited budget.

    We also have a $300 for 3 days/month or $600 8 days/month package.

    All packages come with a one-time, up to 3 hour (if needed) consultation and orientation session at no charge. You will only billed for actual time spent coding after the initial consultation.

    Your coder will be available for the entire shift via instant messenger so you can work alongside them as needed.

    If you need more than this let us know and we will be happy to give you a custom quote on recurring programmer services. Please PM me if you are interested in this offer and we can negotiate a pricing model that suits you as well as schedule that fits your needs.
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