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Thread: Semi-Dedicated Servers Are Here!!!

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    Default Semi-Dedicated Servers Are Here!!!

    We just rolled out a new product line for those of you who are not yet in need of a dedicated server but need some more juice behind your website.

    Semi-dedicated servers are now here!

    What is a Semi-Dedicated Server?
    Semi-Dedicated Servers from can be considered as a good transition before having your own dedicated server. These are made for web site operators that prefer to have the fewest sites per server competing for the same resources. Each Semi-Dedicated Server "Slice" is a 1/30th share of a fully managed dedicated server. This means that there will never be more than 30 Slices on a server. Assuming each site had only a single slice assigned to it, there would be 30 sites on the server.

    Can there be less than 30 sites on a server?
    Based on our initial tests it seems likely that there is always going to be less than 30 sites on a server. The reason is that sites that require this type of hosting typically use so much transfer or CPU that putting additional sites on one of these machines would become detrimental to server performance.

    30 sites is simply a cap on the number of sites on a server provided it would be possible to put 30 complete domains on one of these machines without a performance hit to other users on the same machine.

    Why is a Semi-Dedicated Server Better than regular shared web hosting?
    Simple! Less users means less sites competing for the same resources...
    Also consider the fact that less "new" sites will be loaded onto the server less frequently. New sites are always a risk because sometimes a spammer can slip through the application process, and when they wind up on a server, they can slow or halt email performance for everybody. Once the server is filled with reliable users that is all that it will ever have. Semi-dedicated servers will be more stable and more reliable than a standard shared server which can have hundreds or thousands of sites on a single web server. Less sites on a server also means less 3rd party scripts running and with that, less potential security holes due to a user on the server running outdated, vulnerable software.

    Typically sites requiring hosting at the semi-dedicated level are established website operators who are familiar with how to "play friendly" with other users on their shared server. This can lead to a better overall experience for all who share a semi-dedicated server from

    You can see our new Semi-Dedicated Servers <---at this link

    Questions? Ask 'em here.
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