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    Default Private Domain Registration Service

    GlowHost Web Hosting is now offering private domain name registration services on domain names registered through GlowHost. This service is $12.00 per year and can be added to any free domain name registration or paid domain registration service that has been provided by GlowHost.

    What is a private domain?
    Privately registered domain names are for those who wish to keep ownership of their domain name private from the public eye.

    Did you know when you register a domain name and do not use private domain name registration services, that your full contact details are publicly available to anyone who wants them? This can include your home address and personal phone number among other things. Protect your privacy online by purchasing a private domain name registration for only $12.00 and mask your personal details from the public WHOIS database.

    GlowHost domain registration services is not offering private domain registration services for domains registered elsewhere. this would require a domain transfer to and we do not currently offer domain transfer-in services.

    I already own my domain name from another site and would like to privatize the domain...What can you do for me?
    If you would like private domain name registration services and you registered your domain names at another site, you can use the domain transfer option found at InstaPro, which for $9.00 gets you a domain transfer to an exceptional domain services provider. With that transfer you get a one year domain extension + any existing time you have on the current domain name, so it is money well spent.

    Once the domain has been transferred to InstaPro domain services you can add private domain registration to the newly transferred domain name for $12.00.

    SPECIAL offer from InstaPro!
    Transfer any domain name to for only $1.99 with purchase of any additional product!

    What does it mean?
    It means you can get a private domain name registration, a domain transfer, a one year extension on your existing domain name registration and excellent domain management features all for only $13.99!

    Limited time offer.
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