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Thread: Using one of the Stats programs to view hits on a particular page

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    Default Using one of the Stats programs to view hits on a particular page

    I would like to determine the number of hits on a particular page of my site. Can I do that by using one of the stats packages? If so, which one?

    By the way, I use PostNuke, so my pages are php wrappped by PostNuke.


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    I bet PostNuke has their own hit tracking by page, but if you just want to count page views to a page you can use the counter function in the cgi-center in cPanel and copy the code it generates onto your nuke pages where you want the counter(s) to appear.

    Other than that every stats program in your control panel has one way or another of determining this. Webalizer might be the easiest if you look at the top 30 urls it tells you the top 30 most commonly requested pages and how many hits each received.
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