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Thread: Manage account with Cloud Computing

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    Default Manage account with Cloud Computing

    I'm new user in accounting please suggest me !

    How can i host my QuickBooks application with cloud computing ?

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    Well, that's require from you some knowledge of QuickBooks software. For example, if you want to host a database server and a client on a Cloud then you need Windows Cloud or Dedicated (if your base is big enough). We offer ready Cloud package for hosting/manage sites, but our Cloud is very flexible, and we can install Windows too, just contact us:

    If you are interested in host QuickBooks database server only, then all what you need is to define the requirements, with installation we can help you.

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    Firstly, you will need to search for a hosting provider offering cloud technology that enables remote access to the financial software. One can access QuickBooks accounting software remotely from the cloud server where everything is managed by the web hosting provider. So, the company that requires QuickBooks doesn't need to install it and maintain it on their own machines and network.This also saves the need for purchasing multiple licenses.

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