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Thread: Wordpress theme compatibility

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    Default Wordpress theme compatibility

    I'm thinking about purchasing your hosting but first I have a question.
    I'm planning to build my site using Themes Generator but I'm not sure if there is any incompatibility with your hosting. I see that you have a website builder, so I don't know if it's exclusive.
    Also, is there any demo where I can try your builder? or any tutorial that I can watch?

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    Hello mcZeon, welcome to the community forums!

    Themes Generator is a 3rd party tool or service, but I don't see any issues here. Any PHP themes you build on another platform would be supported by our environment. There are many such tools, and none of our customers have reported any issues related to theme builders. We offer several PHP versions and environment settings that eliminate incompatibility issues.

    We have a few site builders, but if you're going to run WordPress, there's no need to use our site builders. These are independent and optional.

    If you'd like to give our GlowBuilder a spin, check out our Website Builder page here. Find the link "Try it Free!" and see if that works for you.

    If you have anymore questions, feel welcome to ask! We're always on the lookout to help.

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