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Thread: vBulletin License Question

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    Default vBulletin License Question


    I have a question about your vBulletin license deal

    What package must i buy to be guaranteed my vB license and Installation.. I would also like to know if i need to buy a yearly plan or monthly to get my vB

    And is the license yours or mine? if i do get it?

    What would the total price be if i wanted monthly?

    One last question.. What version of Vbulletin do we get actually? like 4.2.0?

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    We provide a free vBulletin Forum Version 4 license and free installation services on our Professional Shared Hosting package, Semi-Dedicated or Reseller Hosting package with a 12, 24, or 36 month pre-pay.

    We do not provide a free vBulletin license with monthly packages.

    You can see our plans vBulletin goes free with using these links:
    The Best Shared Web Hosting vs. Cheap Web Hosting |
    Semi-Dedicated Server Plans |
    Reseller Web Hosting, cPanel Reseller Host |

    As to the licence it is yours.

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    As to vBulletin version we will install the latest available version for you.

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